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Allergists have emphasized that the drug will not be appropriate for every family. It is approved for children ages 4 to 17 and requires children to eat increasing doses of peanut protein to gradually desensitize their allergies. That means patients must intentionally expose themselves to the very substance that can cause a life-threatening reaction under the regimen, called oral immunotherapy. Due to the risks, patients must take some doses under a doctor’s supervision. The drug can cause severe allergic reactions and require epinephrine injections. It’s unclear how long patients will have to stay on the drug.

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Sequence Logo is an online tool for creating sequence logos. Paste your multiple sequence alignment and the sequence logo is generated automatically. Use Sequence Logo to easily create vector sequence logo graphs.

Please refer to the Sequence Logo manual for the sequence logo parameters and configuration. Sequence Logo supports multiple color schemes and download formats.

Sequence Logo is sequence logo generator. Sequence logos visualize protein and nucleic acid motifs and patterns identified through multiple sequence alignment.

Te Reo Maps is an online interactive Maori mapping service. All labels in Te Reo Maps are in Maori, making it the first interactive Maori map. Te Reo Maps is the world map, with all countries and territories translated into Maori.

Please refer to the list of countries in Maori for the Maori translations of country names. The list includes all UN members and sovereign territories.